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Toshiba Aquilion 16 CT Scanner

Aquilion 16 is a whole-body Computed Tomography (CT) scanner that provides uncompromised image quality and outstanding clinical performance. Its flexibility and performance are changing the way radiology triages patients through the Emergency Department.

Its Quantum detector provides true isotropic resolution in the small field of view with 0.5 mm - the industry's thinnest slice width. This enables the user to scan in one plane, reducing radiation while selecting the desired thickness for viewing. Aquilion's Quantum detector is the only detector to provide three slice-width combinations - 16x0.5, 16x1 and 16x2 mm, and it achieves the industry's best low-contrast resolution at 0.5-second scans speed.

Highlights include:

Key Features:

Routine Fast Scanning: Using slip-ring technology, Aquilion 16 is able to perform 0.32- second partial scans and 0.5-second routine scans to meet the demands of dynamic and helical examinations.

High Image Quality: The Aquilion 16 features 896 channels in 40 rows of solid-state detectors; specialized, user-selectable, image-reconstruction algorithms; and a wide selection of slice thicknesses. The system provides outstanding low-contrast resolution of 2 mm at 0.3% and high-contrast resolution of 0.35 mm.

High-Power Generator: Robust, high-voltage circuits generate 60 kW of power and 500 mA, providing support for the 7.5 MHU X-ray tube that makes possible helical scans up to 100 seconds and scans with metal-free scan range of up to 1,800 mm.

Multiple kV Selections: 80, 100, 120 and 135 kV.

Fast Image Reconstruction Time: Up to 10 images per second.

SURETechnology: Provides maximum productivity and best image quality at the lowest possible dose. Real-time helical display, which provides instantaneous visualization of acquired images, allowing the operator to rapidly assess if additional images are needed. SUREStart bolus tracking device, which is included in the standard configuration, provides the ability to monitor contrast media.

Dose Reduction: Real Exposure Control

Superior detector technology provides better image quality with lower dose. Real EC reduces patient dose up to 40% during helical scans, automatically modifying tube current based on patient anatomy.

Easy Operation: Perform easy operations using the 18-inch LCD monitor, mouse and hybrid keyboard. Scan automatically by programming procedures with eXam Plan and vocal instructions through VoiceLink™.


Aquilion 16 Gantry



X-ray Tube

The Aquilion 16 is equipped with the MegaCoolTM X-ray tube. This compact, high- performance tube was designed specifically to minimize tube-cooling delays in heavy patient-load conditions using 0.5-second scan time.

Other features include:


Patient Management

Image Management

Aquilion 16 images can be stored on hard disk, magneto-optical disk or transferred via gigabit Ethernet connection using DICOM 3.0 standards.

DICOM 3.0 (Storage SCU)

DICOM 3.0 (Print SCU)

Image Quality Enhancement

Automatic, 2-Pass, Beam-Hardening Correction (BHC): Compensates for the non- uniform, beam-hardening effect of bone for more accurate reconstruction. Reduction of streak artifacts in the posterior fossa and elimination of cupping artifact in the mid-brain.

Raster Artifact Suppression Protocol (RASP): Reduces artifacts caused by non- uniform attenuation such as in the shoulders and pelvis, and may be applied prospectively or retrospectively.

Automatic Patient Motion Correction (APMC): Reduces streak artifacts caused by movement of high-contrast interfaces such as air, contrast or metal during scanning. APMC is especially useful for scanning trauma, sedated, or uncooperative patients.

Reconstruction Algorithms: Grouped by anatomical application, more than 20 algorithms are provided for customized image reconstruction according to the diagnostic information needed or physician preference.

Helical Scan & Functionality

MultiView: Built into protocol for fast, multi-planar reconstruction in batch mode specifically for multislice data sets. Coronal, sagittal and axial are displayed in real-time for immediate viewing.

3-D Imaging: Provides excellent image quality with surface shaded-renderings and volume-rendered 3-D images. Provides zooming and panning over the 3-D surface and performs distance measurements.

Other features include:
  • 3-D surface display
  • Maximum intensity projection (MIP)
  • Intensity volume rendering
  • 3-D shaded volume display
  • Minimum intensity projection

Quantitative Analysis

Image Manipulation


eXam Plan Protocols